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Estates & Trusts

Secure your family’s future with an estate planning attorney.

It isn’t always easy to discuss plans for the future with your loved ones, but we can help you ensure your family is secure.
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Here’s what you can expect from our estate and trust planning services.

We’ll get started with a phone consultation, so you can talk with one of our attorneys about your needs. When it’s clear how we can help, we’ll meet with you to start developing your will, estate, trust, or succession plan.

Learn more about preparing your family for the future.

What exactly is probate, and how do I avoid it?

Probate is the legal process where a court processes a will by opening an estate. A personal representative of the estate is named to handle the affairs and administer the estate of the loved one who has passed.

Planning ahead can help you or your loved ones avoid probate. While many people are fearful of probate, it doesn't have to be as complicated and costly when the appropriate planning steps are taken before an individual’s passing.

Do I need an estate plan?

An estate plan is necessary to ensure that your assets are transferred according to your wishes. Without estate planning, your assets are passed according to state laws called intestacy statutes, which dictate who gets what and how much.

What does an estate plan involve?

An estate plan includes a Last Will and Testament and/or Trust Agreement, Advance Directives, Healthcare Representative, Durable Power of Attorney, Funeral Directive, and other related documents to serve your estate planning wishes and needs.

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