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Debt Strategy - Business

Make your business thrive again with a solid debt strategy.

Facing business debt is difficult, but our debt lawyers in Lafayette, Indiana will help you understand your options, prepare for a fresh start, and rebuild your company.
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What to expect from our business debt strategy services.

First, we’ll arrange a phone consultation to discuss your business debt situation. Once we’ve determined how we can assist you, we’ll meet with you and strategize to help you resolve debt and rebuild your business.

Have questions about debt strategy?

You’re not alone.

Does my business qualify for bankruptcy?

A business bankruptcy is a legal tool that is not one-size-fits-all. While Chapter 11 can be a viable tool for restructuring a business, there are several alternatives that you can use to help get your business in better financial health.

Having a legal advisor to assess and strategize your business’s needs is vital in the debt management process.

Am I personally liable for the debt of my business?

Your personal liability for business debt depends on the type of business entity and what its governing documents state.

Another factor that can create personal liability is if you signed as a personal guarantor for any debts or loans associated with the business.

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Ready to get your business back on its feet?