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What is the difference between a joint venture and a partnership?

They share certain characteristics; a joint venture is a sort of partnership where two or more entities join together for a particular short-term purpose. In both a partnership or joint venture, both parties can bind the entire entity.

While an agreement may limit the powers of individual partners, there may also be limitations when it comes to third parties, as determined by the usual course of business or trade customs.

Why do I need a contract?

Contracts are legally binding agreements between individuals, businesses, and individuals and businesses. They exist to protect the interests of parties should an agreement go awry.

As a business owner, it's important to have contracts in place to protect your business (and you) in times of dispute and disagreement.

What happens to my business when I die?

There is not a certain type of business entity to ensure generations to come will have the business to run. But, we understand the importance of succession planning and business operations. We'll help you create a business entity and plan to best serve your business’s needs.

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